cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto

cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto

Updated: Jan 1


We live in a world where we believe that we can do anything if we only work hard enough. A nice as it would be if this were true, it is not. We all have limitations and the more familiar we are with them, the soon we can push past them through the use of systems.

We spend the majority of our lives in systems:

Despite how much time we spend in systems, we rarely ever have an opportunity to create them.

The creation of systems is critical for lasting freedom. The only way we can break away from the systems that keep us enslaved is to create systems designed to keep us free. 

One of the greatest threats to an entrepreneurs success is time. It is easy to get lost in all of the newfound freedom. We after week, you're BUSY, however, you have no idea whether or not you're getting any closer to your goals. Sooner or later you begin to feel the burn:

  • Low on money 

  • Fatigue

  • No referrals

  • No prospects

  • Etc.  

Although hard work is valuable, the only way you can create systems is to shut down the business.

Data collection, analysis, and planning are the ingredients required for systems.

Once a system is in place you can manipulate it to yield different outcomes. Most importantly, systems prevent breakdowns. Instead of you falling apart, you can find the strain/stressor in your system and neutralize it before it becomes disastrous for your business and eventually your health. 

If you want to get off the plantation and stay off the plantation, you better build yourself some systems. For your listening pleasure: Working Harder Isn't The Answer  


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cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto
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